New fabric and price changes

After 2 years in pandemic are we hopefully getting closer to an end and back to normal. The pandemic has shown us how many crafters are depending on events, which couldn’t happen. But there are also producers of raw material, who still struggle with the pandemic. Partly by the sickness itself, partly by problems with … Read more

Tents now in wool

Great news! We can now offer our tents even in wool! We found a strong impregnated woolen fabric that is perfect for tents. The colour is darkbrown as you can see on the picture (color might vary on the screen you use). We think darkbrown might have been the most common colour for a commodity … Read more

The tent frames from the oseberg ship

What can the wooden findings in the Oseberg grave tell us? There have been no complete findings on tents from the viking age in northern europe unfortunatly. In addition the vikings did not leave us any paintings or other illustrations. Also, their enemys and partners didnt tell us about it either. But we have some … Read more

Utrecht Psalter

The Utrecht Psalter was made 820-830 AC near Reims in France, as most experts agree. It is seen as a key masterpiece of Carolingian art and it is probably the most valuable manuscript in the Netherlands. 166 lively pen illustrations are made to each psalm and the other texts in the manuscript (Chazelle, 1055). The … Read more

Welcome to WovenRelics

Welcome to WovenRelics! We are passionated in re-creating viking history since many years, participating in museums and traveling to markets in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Faroe Islands. Therefore we know a lot about natural materials, fabrics and sewing. We want to help you to get a hint of what it was like traveling … Read more