About us

My name is Verena, some may also know me as Jorunn. I come from Germany, near Frankfurt am Main. It all started there in 2008 in Freienfels, where I met my later group Midgards Raben. History in detail has always fascinated me, especially the culture of the vikings. Authenticity for my portrayal became an important goal, so I try to construct my things based on evidence and conclusions from the professional world.

Together with Jesper, who has extensive experience in the manufacture of tents based on historic patterns (former owner of Honnurst), we would like to offer you high quality and durable tents. He is a reenactor for a long time now aswell.

We are passionated in re-creating viking history since many years, participating in museums and traveling to markets in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Faroe Islands. Therefore we have a lot of experience with natural materials, fabrics and sewing.

We want to help you to get a hint of what it was like traveling and living about 1000 years ago. The sometimes rough climate in especialy northern europe makes good shelter necessary and keep you and your equipment dry.

Thank you already for taking a look on our tents inspred by historic patterns.