Frequently asked questions

Here we have collected some of the questions that we hear often and that might help you already.

Why don’t you have a shop were I can order directly?

We are a small company, that just manufacture after order, so we dont think we need a web shop at the moment.

Why don’t you have always tents in stock?

The reason we do not keep tents in stock is because we do not have space for storing. We cannot put out with all costs it would entail to purchase materials to manufacture all our tent models in advance as well.

Why do I have to pay something in advance?

We manufacture the tents according to your wishes. This is a way to make our customers think about whether they are completely sure in their purchase.

Do you have more photos of this tent?

At present we unfortunately do not have any more photos on our tents, but as we manufacture your tents we will make sure to make a photo of them and post them on the website.

Can you show some photos of a nicely styled tent inside? 

We can not decorate the tents with all kinds of furniture according to your wishes and then photograph them. We would be very happy, if you share a photo with us when you have decorated your tent.

Is the tent waterproof?

The tent can withstand a water column of 18cm. This makes the tents completely waterproof even in windy and heavy rain.
However, market openings can sometimes drop a little in the seams if water is left as basins on the roof. Our tip is to clear the roof of water and/or take down the opening to a downward direction.

It is Sunday and it has rained on the market. What should I do?

The tents are treated against mold so it should be possible to wrap the tents wet but this is not something we recommend. We suggest that you dry your tent when you get home from the event / market / lawn before packing it for storage. How this goes is up to you.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to ask: wovenrelics@yahoo.com