New fabric and price changes

After 2 years in pandemic are we hopefully getting closer to an end and back to normal. The pandemic has shown us how many crafters are depending on events, which couldn’t happen. But there are also producers of raw material, who still struggle with the pandemic. Partly by the sickness itself, partly by problems with possibilities to deliver. We noticed that many fabric producers needed to lay down producing of niche products because the demand was not big enough on the market. That caused that we needed to change supplier for linen fabric unfortunately, including higher the prices for these kinds of tents and sunroof. Price changes are from now.

As alternative can we offer many models in wool (dark brown) and cotton (sand, white or other colours are possible on request).

A-ramstält ur mörkbrun ylle med drakenhuvud
A-frame tent in dark brown wool
Extrastor tält i bomull för Bohemia Gård
Extrabig tent in cotton for Bohemia Gård